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Lend arms and legs to your business models with Android App development services from TechoStudios Pakistan.

Websites are getting out of trend while apps take up the consumers mind share. With the flood of smartphone usage and internet penetration, consumers are increasingly embracing mobile and web applications for anytime, anywhere access. This has opened up new channels for marketing and sales, for business to reach the end consumers with a personalized message and even customized offerings suited to the user’s needs.

Business today, need to make their presence felt on online channels to remain in the competition. Android apps are a means to achieve this objective.

Almost 70% of mobile users worldwide in the world are using Android. With around 800 million potential customers, you cannot lend a blind eye to your business and miss this huge potential. Custom Android app development from TechoStudios can work wonders for your business.

At TechoStudios, we have a team of certified and talented Android app development services and designers to accomplish your individual demands as well as your business needs. With advanced tools and technology our Android apps developers are able to create highly customized Android applications for consumer needs and enterprises. As a leading Android application development company, TechoStudios is adept at creating high performance, feature-packed native Android applications for all the major platforms. We specialize in providing secure, scalable and sustainable Android application development services on time.

Android App Development Services Process

Apps need to be smooth, neat, easy-to-use to register a memorable experience in the user’s mind. Hence, app development is demanding- it needs an amalgamation of vision, creativity, market insights and knowledge of the end product.

At TechoStudios, we deliver innovative apps leveraging our years of experience across all the leading platforms. The entire process is well structured and executed with strict timelines. The broad steps followed during this development are:

  • Objective of the app is understood and the structure is drawn
  • Post thorough understanding of the requirements, a feature guide is prepared. Its content includes:
    – Comprehensive overview of app functionalities including the scope of work
    – Checklist of features to be incorporated
    – Description of individual features
    – Overview of the technology platform on which the app will be developed

This is finally blown up into an Android app development services wireframe- a prototype of the final outcome It contains:

  • App Structure
  • UI Design
  • Feature checklist
  • Navigation details

Post this stage, our team of developers and designers build the app using SCRUM and Extreme Programming to turn around the project faster. Business critical functions are developed first and then customizations and change requests are incorporated quickly to save time and efforts.

At TechoStudios, we ensure regular communication with our clients through constant updates, daily status reports and feedback sessions.

Our Android App Development Services

TechoStudios is an end-to-end provider of Android app development. Our agile development methodology helps us create the right app to meet your business expectations. We offer a proven, highly flexible engagement model that starts with a comprehensive evaluation of your business and IT requirements to ensure that ultimately the right Android solution will be delivered both quickly and cost-effectively to meet your goals and deadlines. From hiring an Android app developer to subject matter for consulting on issues such as business analysis, custom UX/UI design, code development, project management and/or quality assurance, we offer services to our clients to cover the entire spectrum.

Benefits Delivered to Businesses across the Globe

  • Open Source: Android is an open source platform and brings along the advantage of access to a diverse and huge community of talent for all your business issues
  • Easy to integrate: Android is very easy to integrate with most of the channels and platforms. At TechoStudios we develop mobile apps on plethora of platforms including Genymotion, Acorn, Appiconsizes, SDK, Ubertesters, Android Emulator, Lint, SDK Manager, sQLITE, Systrace, JOBB, Proguard, Titanium (Cross Platform for Android), Phone Gap (Cross Platform), Sencha (Cross Platform) and JAVA
  • Low Investment: Android apps are low cost investments with huge returns. Added advantage of cheap talent from Pakistan, TechoStudios brings Android apps to very low costs to businesses across the world.
  • Reduced Time to Market: Incremental development and Rapid prototyping from TechoStudios ensures that you take your offering to the marketing at the earliest, leaving no opportunity of generating additional revenue
  • Wider Reach: More platforms, more the mania! We offer services across multiple platforms as well as cross-platforms
  • Custom applications: We develop applications as per your business requirements, tailored to your business environment
  • Easy to Market: Apps developed help businesses convey their message in simple manner.
  • Access to skilled Android app developers: We are a community of certified and experienced Android developers having worked across projects in different domains
  • Complete customer support round the clock: We provide 24/7 customer support assistance to our customers through email and telephone
  • Reduced cost of development: Using Agile software development methodology and technically advanced tools and platforms, along with cheap and talented professionals based out of Pakistan gives us the benefit of low cost. This is passed on as benefits to our customers.

As an offshore development company based out of Pakistan, we have excess to the best and talented professionals in app development from across the globe. This helps us deliver huge cost benefits and domain expertise to our clients. TechoStudios is a leading provider of Android app development services and brings commitment, best-in-class infrastructure and industry leading knowledge and experience to the table.

Come and partner with us to live the experience and turn your ideas into industry leading Android applications.



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