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Businesses across the world are going places to interact with their customers. Not only customers want information, they want this information to be personalized and to reach them where they are! As customers embrace online models over offline medium in their hunch for convenience, businesses are increasingly flocking to digital channels. Having a responsive and interactive website and web application is now necessary. To add personalization, these web applications need to be dynamic with great user interface design to capture attention.

PHP has emerged as a preferred coding language. Not only does it help build custom web applications, its aids the developer community with a comprehensive set of useful features.

Why PHP Development?

PHP frameworks allow rapid application development by streamlining the development process. Writing code in PHP framework is easy and more intuitive. It eliminates all kinds of repetitive process while its applications offer a very stable and secure coding environment. The developed application can be tested quickly. By eliminating vulnerabilities that may creep up during development, PHP frameworks offer enhanced security. Support from a large fraternity of developers and readily available online forums for learning and sharing makes it a favorite!

The trick lies in choosing the right PHP framework for getting your code written. Laravel offers one such framework.

About Laravel Development Services Framework

Bringing together the best of different frameworks, Laravel PHP Framework is a fast, efficient and robust framework built with the focus of churning out simple and expressive code syntax. Termed as the coding platform of choice for developers in recent times, Laravel offers the benefits of having an easy to maintain and developer friendly web application framework.

Started as a derivative for popular platform CodeIgniter three years ago, Laravel Development Services has made its name in the industry with its focus on easier maintenance, reliability, better code foundation and more robust features. It is supported by a huge community of developer online, presenting forums for learning and sharing code and techniques to debug and develop effective solutions in an efficient way. Today, Laravel Development Services boasts of itself as a totally distinct and comprehensive coding platform for PHP.

Laravel offers a completely modular architecture with a Composer repository to enable easy addition of features without affecting the entire code. Considered to be a preferred framework for small and large-scale projects, Laravel also offers extensive testing choices and supports intuitive and rapid application development.

Advantages of Laravel Development Services Framework:

In addition to the above macro level benefits, Laravel has a lot to offer in its kitty. The following is the comprehensive list:

  • Eloquent ORM and great migration system makes it easy to work
  • Supports application responding through restful routing with simple closures
  • Complete online support across forums for learning, discussion, bug fixing and more
  • Impressive templating with the use of PHP /light-weight blade templating engine
  • Third party packages can be managed by the composer easily
  • Foundation built with Symfony components
  • Highly scalable and customizable
  • Complete compatibility with platforms like MySQL, Postgres, SQL Server and SQLite

Key Features of Laravel Development Services Framework

Laravel is loaded with rich features to aid the developer community in developing effective applications quickly without compromising on the quality. The following is a list of the key features available:

  • Laravel Eloquent ORM:

ORM stands for object-relational mapping. Laravel Eloquent ORM is an advanced PHP implementation of the active record pattern. It is an effective tool for relationship management between database objects by enforcing constraints.

  • Laravel Restful Controllers:

They provide means for separating the logic behind serving HTTP GET and POST requests. Only required classes get loaded with the use of On-demand loading.

  • Laravel Reverse Routing:

This functionality makes tracking of changes to routes easy. By defining a relationship between links and routesm, changes are automatically propagated into relevant links. This is actioned using uniform resource identifiers (URIs).

  • Laravel bundles:

These act as enablers of providing modular packaging system, making addition of features easy and secure. In the latest 4.x edition, Laravel offers a composer for easy addition of framework-agnostic and Laravel-specific PHP packages.

  • Laravel View Composers :

These are executed when a view is loaded. Logical blocks of code, these composers follow the inversion of control principle.

  • Laravel Migrations:

These effectively make the deployment and update functions easier. Testing can be performed very easily. Changes can be associated with application code base while tests are run using command line utility.

  • Laravel Simple & Automatic Pagination:

This eliminates manual implementation approach with automated methods integrated into Laravel.

At TechoStudios Pakistan, we provide Laravel development services to clients across the globe at reasonable prices. Our project managers and certified developers work round the clock to understand client requirements and suggest the best possible solution. This solution is developed with quality assurance and delivered to the client with expected timelines. We have years of experience in delivering successful projects on Laravel across industries. For us, our customers are at the forefront of doing business.

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