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A few years back, enterprise applications were seen as a support to the core business activities. No one could have imagined the diversity of features and design which can be expected out of the applets market. Today, enterprise applications are driving revenues for businesses across the globe. This has been possible with advanced platforms like Javascript.

Today organizations are looking at applications which are light, fast to load and run and highly scalable and flexible to absorb the needs of dynamic business landscape. At TechoStudios Pakistan, we have been developing such enterprise applications for businesses across the globe for years now. We use advanced platforms like Node.js development services to deliver the fast and intuitive applications for capturing eyeballs and delivering enhanced user experience.

What is Node.js Development Services?

A compiled package of Google’s V8 JS engine, Node.js is a modern development stack used for building fast and scalable server side web applications at low costs. Node.js development services are built on C++ modules and uses Javascript as a scripting language. Housing abstraction layer on libuv platform and a Javascript enabled core library, Node.js development services offers an amazingly fast I/O performance and the capability to create real time, scalable web applications with push capabilities. In fact, it has recorded world’s best runtime for applications running in data intensive real-time environment.

Node.js supports creation of scalable software architectures at low costs by utilizing its event-driven, non-blocking I/O support. This minimizes overload, enhances scalability and makes the output application lightweight and highly efficient. Consequently, applications can run across distributed devices at much faster speed.

Node.js development services is widely used for developing server side JavaScript applications. However, developers can also create client side web applications easily. An built-in HTTP server library facilitates running a web server without the use of external software on Node.js. This lends more control on the web server functions to the web application.

Features of Node.js Development Services Framework

  • Enables web socket programming in real time
  • Ample of Open source modules available readily
  • Javascript programming enabled- this brings host of its own advantages
  • Low level API makes it extremely useful
  • Facilitates development of web applications loaded with rich functionalities
  • High on performance and scale
  • Easy to communicate with Json and AJAX
  • Facilitates reuse of lines of code, thereby, reducing overall development time and cost.

With such great features, Node.js has transformed the way applications are developed. It has undoubtedly become an all time favorite amongst the developer fraternity as it offers a host of benefits.

Advantages of using Node.js Development Services Framework

  • Great Speed: Node.js is known for its lightning fast speed to market and best performance across the industry. This is achieved using an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model. The ‘callback’ feature reduces the waiting time of the CPUs for I/O operation to complete while simultaneously serving some other requests.
  • Highly scalable: Node.js enables handling of more clients with just one server rather than running traditional server technologies. This makes the entire framework highly scalable and enticing to today’s application developers across the globe
  • Supports Javascript: With Javascript as its backbone, Node.js enables developers build both client- and server-sides using Javascript. This also brings synergies and enables developers build the entire web application in one language- making it fast and more efficient
  • Works in real time: Node.js enables development of web applications in real time. What adds on the advantage is the mindboggling combination of real time support at amazing speed, make Node.js the most sought after platform
  • Online support and growing demand: Node.js is highly popular and hence, there is ample amount of resources and support available easily across online forums.
  • Excellent Return on Investment (RoI): With Node.js, businesses can get applications developed in a shorter span of time with relatively less hardware. No huge investments are required for server infrastructure to address growth in users and related activities. Easy scaling flexibility translates to lower investments. High speed and superior performance yield more returns. Overall, this translates to excellent RoI for businesses!

Our Node.js Development Services

At TechoStudios Pakistan, we understand the needs of the modern day businesses and support development of intuitive, fast and scalable web and mobile applications using Node.js. Our portfolio of services in Node.js includes:

  • Development of websites and applications
  • Seamless Deployment of enterprise applications
  • Programming & Scripting for projects

All our projects follow a structured project management approach to ensure quality solutions to our clients within stipulated deadlines. The process kick in with understanding of the clients business requirements and documentation of the client needs. This is followed by a brainstorming debate and discussion session with our group of experts and the client to come up with alternate solutions. The best alternative is picked up and the development is then taken up following the best agile practices.

Our developers have years of experience and domain expertise in successful building and delivery of fast, scalable network applications using Node.js development services .

Come, partner with us to accelerate your business growth and deliver user experience like never before.



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