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Bring your Data to life with Dashboard and Data Visualization Solutions like no other

Data driven decision making has gained prominence in today’s era of technology and advanced analytics. It has become imperative for managers to review performance, record data and analyze this data to justify decisions made. However, sifting through chunks of data and tedious excel spreadsheets can be laborsome.

Dashboard and data visualization solutions help you make the right analysis by viewing only the information you want to, in the exact manner you want. You can customize your dashboard with information you want, and choose the pictorial representation which suits you the best.

TechoStudios smart and intuitive designs collection along with a wide range of visualizations and layout options lets you create a pixel perfect dashboard using best practices in data visualization. We offer a highly-customizable dashboard loaded with interactive charts, maps, score cards, indexes, grids and much more. This brings life to your valuable data and breathes power and flexibility to your data visualizations.

From analyzing performance to re-planning and re-forecasting, you can test hypothesis, assumptions and strategies on data transactions to view the impact. With advanced dashboard and data visualization solutions from TechoStudios, you can create powerful stories using data points. So break away from traditional spreadsheets and basic data presentations and build stunning visualizations in a matter of minutes!

Salient Features of Dashboard and Data Visualization Solutions from TechoStudios

  • Powerful dashboard uncovering key trends and patterns with predictive tools and flexible visualizations
  • Compatible with data across multiple platforms including excel, CSV, SQL, SAP HANA, any JDBC source etc.
  • Easy and user friendly UI with drag and drop interface
  • Instant, real time reporting facility with customizable reports which can be easily shared
  • With our advanced data visualization solution, you can improve your business agility, garner change and drive business performance with measured business outcomes.

Our solution is equipped with built-in financial intelligence and analytics with powerful data visualization that includes funnel, dial, waterfall, bubble, histogram, radar, and Pareto charts, as well as standard bar, column, gauge, area, and doughnut charts. Advanced analytics can be easily performed with exception and variance reporting, period-on-period comparisons, moving averages, standard deviation, linear regressions, trends, control charts, and more. Drill down and even perform interactive what-if analysis.

A few common applications are as under:

  • Monitor operations, sales and finance within organization with real time data reporting on powerful dashboard

With centralized metrics for financial and operational business, KPIs can be monitored and reported using key data points. Insights, notes, and narratives can be easily shared and meaningful decisions can be made with a macro business view on the customized dashboard.

  • Switch between Analysis, planning and modeling made easy

With our powerful solution, you can analyze performance quickly and use the feedback for re-planning and re-forecasting. Transactional data can be visualized and tested with new assumptions and hypothesis to gauge their impact.

  • Empower Everyone With Dashboards

You can easily create, modify, and share dashboards and scorecards in a matter of minutes. Quick slicing, dicing, and analysis makes the decision making ability more powerful. Easy share empowers the organization with transparency to every user, across locations and devices.

At TechoStudios, we have been delivering impactful dashboards and data visualization solutions to clients across multiple industries including healthcare, retail, on demand economy, financial services etc. Years of experience and domain expertise with a highly skilled set of professionals differentiates us from the rest. Come, partner with us to experience the difference!



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