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The web space is crowded with thousands of businesses. Each business wants to talk to its customers and sell more. With such crowded online web, businesses are increasingly focusing on attracting eye balls and capture maximum attention span of online wanderers. To achieve this businesses are focusing on providing a unique and memorable user experience across their applications.

This requires applications to be fast, secure, full of useful information and visually appealing. To create such websites, modern technology platforms and skilled developers are required. At TechoStudios, this is exactly what we provide! Our team of Java development services provides the best applications powered on Java platform with latest designs to woo your customers!

What is Java Development Services?

Java is a highly secured, reliable, flexible and scalable platform for application development. Trusted and proven over the years, Java is an object oriented and class based language. It is a convenient platform for modern enterprise application development and requires minimum dependency for seamless integration. A huge successful global customer base and a remarkable track record differentiate Java from its peers. Applications developed on Java technology offer excellent returns on investment, while the platform offers a fast, secure and reliable environment.

Java offers platform for development of applications which are architecture neutral. This comes as a boon to the developer community as it enables them to run their code in any environment. Applications developed on Java are robust, secure, high performance and easily portable. This has made Java famous across the globe and the heartthrob for the developer fraternity.

With its stable environment and cross platform support, Java offers a great platform for outsourcing project development. Java development services is widely used by developers for development of mobile applications, technology-based devices such as car navigation systems, game console, printers, webcams, medical devices etc.

The center of the Java platform is J2EE. Created for distributed, large size applications, J2EE is widely used for programming.

At TechoStudios, we deliver expert java development services and innovative platforms. We have an esteemed and happy customer base across the globe. We provide the following services on Java:

  • Java Web Development
  • Java Development Services
  • Mobile Development
  • Java Migration
  • Java Application Development
  • Enterprise Java Development
  • Custom Java Development
  • Integration of Enterprise applications

Across these services we are pioneers in-

Java/J2EE Application Development

Scrum and XP based agile development projects with SOA architecture. These have multi platform support across Windows, Unix etc. and powered with multi vendor database and applications support, J2EE is used for programming with support of MVC designs.

Java/J2EE Application Support and Maintenance

With services from TechoStudios, you can completely outsource your full Java development responsibility and sit back and relax. We extend your Java team manifold by extending our arms. 24/7 helpdesk and query resolution is also provided.

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI):

We provide data integration services by synchronizing and maintaining your data across systems and ensure persistent wrapping of access interfaces.

Java Consultancy:

We offer a host of Java services including audits, performance tuning, training and advisory.

We help you with selecting the right technology through the proof of concept. Quality assurance testing and audits, ensuring optimized performance and knowledge transfer, training and skill development is what we offer.

We accomplish all the above Java projects by working on the latest technology platforms. The tools and technology we use are as listed below

Technologies and Tools

  • Java EE
  • Ajax, JSP/Servlet
  • SOAP
  • JBoss
  • JSF 2.0, SVN, Jenkins, Maven
  • EJB 3.0, JPA
  • JSF, Swing, JavaFX, SWT
  • RESTful Web Services
  • WebSphere, Tomcat
  • Git

All our projects are powered on high performance frameworks. Some of them are:


  • jQuery, Prototype
  • GWT, Struts, MyFaces, RichFaces
  • Dom4j, JasperReports/iReport
  • Spring, Seam
  • MyBatis, TopLink, CXF, Axis
  • js/Sencha
  • Hibernate
  • SAX

At TechoStudios, we support both small and large businesses with robust, secure and scalable solutions on Java. By offering state-of-the-art technology and expert knowledge from a team of certified Java/J2EE professionals, we ensure delivery of quality solutions within stipulated timelines. We follow a project based method across all our assignments. This follows a structured process which begins with understanding the client’s requirements and preparing a business requirement document. Our teams of experts then meet and brainstorm to come up with alternatives. With client buy-in , the best solution is selected and the development process kicks in. With agile methods, regular interaction and feedback from client and quality tests, the final solution is delivered.

Not only do we focus on end application output, we are pioneers in understanding technology and process. We follow an agile methodology for development. All our development processes are very well defined with well-built project management and methodology focused delivery environment. Our team has been delivering successful applications built on Java across industries like healthcare, telecom, manufacturing, e-Commerce, retail etc.

Come, partner with us to experience technology and services like no other!



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