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With the rapid advent of technology, smartphone and internet penetration, customers expectations have changed rapidly. As customers are mobile, they want services and information anytime, anywhere. This calls for web applications which are responsive across devices and interactive with customers.

At TechoStudios Pakistan, we help businesses achieve this with custom software development services. We use the best platforms like PolymerJS to facilitate client business.

What is PolymerJS Development Services?

Polymer refers to a library for creating responsive web components using HTML elements. It is not a framework but a basic library developed to accelerate web application development process. With the help of its powerful web platform called web components, it makes chunks of codes readily available to the developer fraternity. Web Components bring system design, interoperability, and consumption to the web platform and allows easy creation of rich, powerful and reusable components.

All this together improves the developer’s productivity significantly. By providing encapsulation and extension, PolymerJS speeds up the process of web application development.

Salient Features of PolymerJS Development Services

  • CSS,HTML and encapsulated js can be easily created with permission from PolymerJS
  • It allows shadow DOM, data binding and templating functions
  • It supports responsive designs with Twitter Bootstrap
  • Facilitates intuitive and easy to design methodology by adding properties, methods or libraries into html page

Polymer’s USP lies in its ability to let developers create things like custom form inputs without them being weaved into the browser. It also isolates styles while building widgets at the browser level itself, thereby, solving a decade long issue. A basic Polymer structure consists of the following:

  • Foundation: This is the building block for building the final application. A foundation includes animation, HTML page, custom element, encapsulate structure & site.
  • Elements: These are User Interface or non User Interface components built with thecore.

Polymer polyfills enough so you can start using and experimenting with this functionality now.

Polymer (more specifically Shadow DOM) provides the ability to compose encapsulated JS, CSS, and HTML as Custom Elements, much like Angular element directives.

Polymer elements provide templating and bi-directional data binding. However, they also provide new functionality such as the Shadow DOM, which enables encapsulation of CSS

More about Polymer Development Services

PolymerJS was created with the vision of enabling the developer community work with web components. It also clubbed the following four underlying low-level APIs —

  • HTML imports
  • Shadow DOM
  • HTML templates and
  • Custom elements

This was also done with the intention of arriving at a set of standards for all the browsers across all channels.

To accomplish this, PolymerJS provides a set of polyfills. Polyfills replicate the new API behavior where it is not yet implemented for the last two versions of all major browsers, effectively faking the behavior. Not only Polyfills, Polymer also provides a few syntactic sugars that makes working with web components easy and fast. The following elements from PolymerJS Development Services help in development of effective web applications:

  • Iron elements- A set of utility elements, they handle basic layout designing and core functionality. However, it does not motivate any sort of complex visual styles.
  • Paper elements- This refers to the implementation of web components based on material designs using iron elements stated above.
  • Google web components- These act as covers for Google APIs and services and provide web components for the same. Ex: They wrap Google Calendar, Maps, YouTube and many other free services from Google.
  • Gold elements- As apparent from the name, these are special elements meant for businesses like ecommerce for crucial functions like plastic card inputs.
  • Neon elements- These add the “special effect” in your application, starting from animations to cool demos.
  • Platinum elements- This class of web components supports integration of complex web app functionalities, such as push notifications.
  • Molecules- These elements act as wrappers to other JavaScript libraries.

In addition to the above, Polymer has a set of Custom Elements- a repository of even more elements. However, the set of custom elements may not be necessarily based on PolymerJS. Again, this set of custom elements is fully compatible with the web components.

How is PolymerJS Development Services different from Angular and its likes?

  • Polymer is a library created from web components to help developers speed the web application development process whereas Angular and its likes are a complete framework in themselves. The components from Polymer, in turn, are used to create web applications.
  • AngularJS provides high-level APIs for services, routing, server communication and other activities whereas PolymerJS doesn’t. However, PolymerJS does provide APIs as separate web components from their core library to help in turn can be used to build web applications. Sooner or later, we might witness the lines of difference to disappear as these frameworks get more advanced.

Despite these differences, there is a degree of similarity between web components in PolymerJS and element directives in AngularJS.

At TechoStudios Pakistan we have a team of trained and certified professionals with indepth expertise in building web applications using PolymerJS. Our PolymerJS Development Services are spread across industries – retail, healthcare, commerce, logistics, hospitality and much more. Each project goes through a structure process of requirements gathering, expectation setting, generation of best business solution, development and feedback. Our developers and project managers are available across geographies and channels round the clock to serve our clients. Dedication, passion and knowledge is what differentiates us from the rest.

Come and partner with us to experience the change!



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