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If you are looking for a dream team that allows you attain competitive edge into the market then look no further. We make sure you attain the pinnacle of success by providing qualified extended development teams. Now, you can enlarge your in-house development teams with the help of extended development teams from us, which consists of on-demand experts. The team consists of software engineers, QA specialists, and Scrum Masters that suit your business needs perfectly. We exclusively allow you to enlarge your IT team within a distributed development environment. The team will help you boost output while also focusing on the cost reduction aspects. Our developers can turn out to be your extended team members, functioning directly with you.

When you need Extended Development Teams like ours? 

  • Are you facing difficulty in recruiting, choosing, and protecting devoted, skilled, and cost-effective IT professionals within your home location? Now it’s time to look at our pool of talent.
  • When you wish to avail new features without requiring defocusing the core team.
  • We simplify the need by delivering innovative products every year in the cost-effective approach.
  • When you need to meet your objectives that need fast scaling.
  • If you are exhausted from the lengthy hiring processes, we can fulfill the need as we present outstanding hiring and engagement plans which can transform the hiring process into a selective process

Ways in which our Extended Development Teams work?

In absence of well-planned ways with guaranteed results, the process of hiring extended development teams becomes futile. Let’s look at ways in which our team works.

  • Our extended development team works on your projects, while also focusing on increasing the output and limiting your costs.
  • Based on the requirements, we can provide you a quote for a team. So, you can choose your future team member from the wide range of candidates -onshore, nearshore, and offshore
  • You hold on to complete team control and can seek the benefit of the scalability and reduced administration
  • We work on a fail-safe system that targets to reduce the risks and boost return on investment in the outsourced development. In our services, our developers and managers have worked closely with multiple clients, belonging to different domains. Moreover, they can comprehend that the success of a project relies on trust, mutual understanding, and loyalty

What makes our Extended Development Teams unique?

Presently, more and more businesses are opting to start their personal offshore/nearshore entities. It is found that in certain cases, this occurs because of cost reduction, and in some, it occurs because of being short of highly qualified resources. There are many aspects that make our extended development teams stand unique from the competitors. We offer our customers a turnkey package, in order to establish their own dedicated software development team. Our dedicated, tailored and protected nearshore/ offshore software engineering team is customized to precise IT and business methodologies and traditions of every customer. It also seeks the benefit of the shared knowledge, resources, and infrastructure of our services:

  • The virtual extension of a customer’s organization permits us to influence enormous reserves of experienced IT manpower and a powerful infrastructure at an affordable cost at the correct time. This also permits us to an emphasis on core competencies.
  • When we work as a virtual extension of the client’s in-house team, you can know every team member and also they would work full time, with a sole focus on your projects.
  • You gain every benefit of a full IT department at affordable cost.
  • No frustration in operating an in-house IT division.

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