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Enterprises are growing fast as customers become more demanding. As businesses scale and diversify. Businesses need to focus on their core competencies to fight competition. This has led to outsourcing activities which are not so critical to organizations. Software Outsourcing today has become a way of life , especially for the IT companies.

What is Offshore Outsourcing?

Offshore outsourcing is the process of delegating IT assignments and projects outside the client’s country of residence. A type of business process outsourcing, offshore outsourcing involves collaborating with an external organization to perform some of its business roles/functions. Software Outsourcing  is usually done to achieve cost savings due to lower labor cost or tax savings generated in the outsourced country. At the same time, software outsourcing also provides access to great talent and specialized services from across the globe at lower operating costs.

Assignments are outsourced to any country other than own. In this arrangement, the company outsourcing the assignment gets work done from the provider rather than doing that activity in house.

Software Outsourcing is achieved with the help of the Internet and associated infrastructure in communications, connecting businesses beyond physical barriers and time zone differences. Globalization forms the backbone for development of outsourcing business across the globe.

At TechoStudios Pakistan, we provide highly cost effective and high quality custom software development services to clients across the globe. Based out of Pakistan, we have access to some of the best talent in the world. This comes to us at low cost which ultimately translates to cost savings for our customers. Leveraging the geographical and time-zone differences and working 24/7 for our clients, we deliver quality software outsourcing assignments within short timelines.

Although it costs money to outsource projects and assignments, it brings ample benefits to the company outsourcing the project. Not only does it help businesses access global talent and get work done in a better way, it also helps companies focus on their core competencies rather than areas where they don’t specialize. This helps in fighting competition by focusing energies in areas of core strengths and at the same time saves labor costs and expenditure incurred on expensive in-house developments. Assignments are outsourced to countries which have cheap labor. This helps businesses make profits

Categories in Offshore Outsourcing

Offshore outsourcing is broadly organized into three major categories:

  • Business process outsourcing (BPO): In business process outsourcing, organizations outsource processes within functions. These processes are important but not the lifeline of the organization and hence, the need for outsourcing. These use cases consist of both external facing functions like customer support, call centre  (called front office functions) and internal functions like payroll processing, finance and accounting desks (called back office functions)
  • Infrastructure and technology outsourcing: In Infrastructure and technology outsourcing, activities driving business processes like networking, technology services and support, etc. are outsourced to expert organizations for software development, maintenance, upgrade, support etc.
  • Software outsourcing: In software outsourcing, assignments on software development, up gradation etc. are outsourced. This includes development of customized as well as standard software packages. Organizations can also hire developers rather than getting the entire software development outsourced. This lends skilled arms and brains to the organization.

When do organizations choose Offshore Software Outsourcing?

Functions and projects which need to be carried out regularly but do not form the lifeline of the organization are candidates for offshore outsourcing. Availability of internet connectivity, cost benefit analysis and expertise and trust on the provider as some other factors which are considered. Basis the combined output of the above considerations, organizations makes software outsourcing decision to an offshore provider.

Why outsource to TechoStudios Pakistan?

TechoStudios Pakistan is an outsourcing customized software development organization. We have years of experience and expertise in delivering successful customized software solutions across the globe. As we are based out of Pakistan, we get access to the best talent pool of engineers and developers at cheaper costs compared to most countries across the world. This makes Pakistan as one of the most preferred software outsourcing provider countries.

At TechoStudios Pakistan, with our expert offshore outsourcing software development services we offer the following benefits:

  • Lower cost of operations: Outsourcing reduces cost of operations by saving expenditures and salaries paid to in-house teams
  • Improved Service Quality: Access to specialized services from domain experts/skilled pool of talent
  • Added strategic value with partnership in implementation and support through the project lifetime
  • Focus on core competencies by letting go off worries related to support functions
  • Low or No investments in technology and infrastructure enhances profitability
  • 24/7 support round the clock
  • Ability to scale
  • Flexibility with agile processes to match customer demands

Offshore outsourcing Methodology

At TechoStudios Pakistan, we follow a structured process for delivering the best in class solutions to our clients. Broadly, the stages involved in the process are:

  • Requirement Analysis
  • Brainstorming and decision-making
  • Develop offshore outsourcing strategy
  • Feedback and communication
  • Project development
  • Testing and Implementation
  • Maintenance and Support

We have experience of delivering quality solutions on time utilizing our expert talent pool across industries like retail, healthcare, hospitality etc.

Come, partner with us and reap the benefits of specialized software outsourcing services.



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